Rakuyoshoten is an antique shop spreading a mysterious world in Kyoto.
We value the trust relationship with our customers the most. So, unlike ordinary antique shops, we put a price tag on every item. Feel free to carry your feet. I'm sure you will find your favorite.

Shop owner

The first shopkeeper Ueda chapter stepped into the antique industry from the work of packing exports, mainly antiques, and has been on a different path from ordinary antique shops. The origin of the store name "Koyo shop" is pleasant, from the desire to continue business with a sunny mood like the sun. Currently the wife of the first shopkeeper Ueda Hideyo is shopping as the second generation shopkeeper. In order to take over the mental attitude of the original shopkeepers firmly and to value the relationship of trust with customers, we are attaching all the price tags to the item as the way of the original shopkeeper. Please do not hesitate to come to our shop

Shop Information

248 Shinmonzen-dori Yamatooji Higashi-iru Nakano-cho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto
10:00AM - 6:00PM
Irregular Holidays

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